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Nationwide clean energy solutions provider

Complete sustainability solutions and services for businesses of any size.

About Us

Icarus IEG provides nationwide clean energy solutions and sustainability consultancy services to businesses looking to achieve the latest government energy regulation compliance, net zero targets and reductions in energy costs through the installation of renewable, clean technologies.

Our nationwide specialist installation teams, energy experts and consultants provide turnkey solutions for businesses on their energy savings journey, regardless of sector or size.


From commercial EPC audits to energy performance improvement mapping, we can equip your business with the information, advice and knowledge to make the most cost-effective decisions for achieving monetary savings, maximising ROI and achieving energy compliance targets.

Commercial Renewable Energy Solutions

By installing the latest affordable, sustainable, clean energy technologies and solutions your business can make sizeable savings on monthly bills and reduce your exposure to ever rising commercial energy prices. Having access to a complete range of clean technologies ensures we can provide your business with the rite solution to maximise your ROI. Our size and scale mean we have access to a variety of funding options that can be tailored to suit your business requirements and budgets.

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Our solutions include;

  • Commercial Solar PV

  • On-site wind turbines

  • Air source heat pumps

  • Battery storage

  • Insulation measures

  • Low energy LED lighting

Commercial EPCs & Energy Performance Improvement Mapping

Commercial EPC’s (Energy Performance Certificates) EPIM’s (Energy Performance Improvement Mapping) Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) reports and corporate sustainability strategies.

With full UK coverage, our energy performance auditors and consultants provide commercial EPC’s nationwide. Our energy consultancy services also offer transparent, energy performance improvement mapping reports (EPIM) that give building owners and landlords the information and knowledge to make informed decisions on the energy performance of their building stock. Our consultants work with you to guide you on the most cost-efficient measures that can be installed to hit current energy performance targets, future proof energy performance for further legislative changes and also reduce current energy bills.

MEES or Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards, are minimum requirements for EPC ratings enforced by the government. Tightening of the regulations from April 2023 can prohibit commercial landlords leasing properties with an EPC score that falls below the latest standards.

Specialist Surveys

Today’s building owners can save significant money every year with non-destructive roof moisture testing. Our testing methods provide a range of survey and reporting options to suit all customer requirements, offering considerable cost and time saving over traditional inspection methods.


These surveys are non-destructive and can be carried out on new or existing flat roof systems and complete building envelopes. The equipment we use provides accurate detection of all waterproofing defects utilizing testing methods for both wet and dry conditions and our professional services can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

When testing is complete, we will provide a detailed report or pre handover certification on the condition of your waterproofing system. The report will include drawings and photographic documentation detailing the location and nature of any defects allowing targeted cost effective repairs to restore waterproof integrity.

Specialists in complete commercial roof systems with integrated energy generation technology

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Other Services

Moisture Content Analysis

The use of Neutron moderation to accurately calculate and quantify moisture content in waterproofing systems.

Infrared Analysis

Infrared Thermography is a non-destructive type of testing and is an invaluable resource for determining building performance and predictive maintenance

Drone Surveys

Safer means of inspection, environmentally friendly, 4K footage definition, cost effective against mechanical access

CCTV Drainage Inspections

Using state of the art drainage inspection equipment to identify damages, blockages and general condition in both residential and commercial properties

Solar Farm Energy Inspections

By combining our Infrared technology and drones, We can quantify PV panel installation via our 3D modelling software and work out kW DC energy outputs and inspect for existing system failures on large solar installation schemes

Electronic Leak Detection

Identify defects in exposed membrane systems allowing for a quicker testing and repair schedule, Identify defects such as pinholes & Punctures using electrical current in PVC roof systems

These methods help to assess building envelopes allowing building owners to make an informed decision to action any defects that maybe required as a result.

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